DFOOTBALL is a DF communication company, specialized in marketing, advertising, journalism and digital marketing.

As a partner of FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT PORTUGAL, and both unite the best in football communication. The services are destined to clubs, soccer players, and athletes of other modalities, coaches, businessmen and agents, among other professionals related to the sports segment.


Training and media preparation for spokespersons related to football and sports universe. This training is an in-depth preparation to all types of professionals to know how to work their image and reputation in a positive way, whether in media or outside.

Strategic planning of communication actions, capable to acting on the brand goals and image enhancement, capturing audiences and professional football looks, at its highest level of performance.

Lectures and training capable of raising motivational themes, along with professional development and preparation, in order to enhance the skills required of sports professionals.

In addition to specific content, the lectures could be linked to marketing and social media, crisis management (prevention) communication, image and speeches.

A brand is a distinctive, visually perceptible sign that identifies characteristics, concepts and image of people, product, and services to be transmitted to several audiences.

If this mark is not well build, it does nor assertively achieves its goals.

Therefore, the brand has to be built on the goals and strategies of each customer, conveying all the attributes and differentials of each professional, activating each positive item in the brain of those who received the brand/image.

The work of DFOOTBALL and FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT BRAZIL consist of design, study, concept and brand creation, based on the client’s goals.

The press office is a service that propagates information and news in the spontaneous media, in order to spread our client’s image and services.

In addition, the press office also works on building the client’s relationship with the press. This work consist of the spontaneous disclosure of professionals and companies, as well the construction of their image for target audiences.

DFOOTBALL AND FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT BRAZIL, study, design and execute the best image and reputation designs for athletes, clubs and sports professionals in general.

We establish periodic plans and goals to enhance the brand and image of professionals and companies through: Researches; SWOT analysis; SPs Analysis; interviews; Scenery mapping; case study.


Today, football has raised great achievements and is currently one of the most representative sectors in the world. As the segment has grown considerably, today, for professionals, it is not enough to perform very well in their functions, but the market expects more and more preparation and positive image. Digital Marketing further strengthens, attracts great brands and valuable sponsors of these football professionals, whether they are players, coaches, clubs and others sports agents.

Social networks are a powerful communication tool capable of attracting the most important areas of sports and in particular football. The football digital content management of a player, club or other institution, have current needs on social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google, among others).

This work should not be done by amateur or by an unqualified professional. Leaving social networking presence to a team with no training or specialization can create numerous problems in the long run that could bring real damage to players and coaches. More and more informed and more demanding, fans of players and coaches are less and less passive. They demand dialogue, they want to give and receive feedback, they have an opinion and they want to be heard.

Our creative are always attuned to development trends that exceed customer expectations. DFOOTBALL team consists of making campaigns and creations capable of uniting texts and images, attracting the target audience of each client. DFOOTBALL and FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT BRAZIL works with advertising pieces, e-mails marketing, newsletter, pieces for social networks, advertising campaigns, newspapers, templates, presentations, banners, flyers, announcements and others.

Social networks are a communications tool serving the most important areas of the world of sport, football in particular.

The management of a football professional’s digital social networking (Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) must be handled by experts. Leaving the management of their social network presence to an inexperienced team will generate immediate and long-term problems that can translate into very real harm to players and coaches at several levels.
Increasingly more informed and demanding, football fans are also increasingly less passive. They demand dialogue, input and output of feedback, the right to an opinion and the right to be heard. Fans want to feel unique and special in their relationship to players and coaches. Indeed, players and coaches unwilling to enter into this new relationship may loose their ability to explore their value to the full extent as brands and sports agents.

Social networks present a complexity and a set of challenges to be found in no other territory (digital or otherwise). Therefore, the unprepared presence of a player or coach in social networks can be more harmful than not being present at all.

For these reasons, working together with Football Improvement is the right option, as we have a team able to develop the full potential of players and coaches.

Dfootball offers an efficient, experienced and astute team in contents management. Each player and coach is different and idiosyncratic .We build and manage communications channels to generate empathy between players and coaches and the public, in particular the fans.