FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT BRAZIL, it’s the unification of the Portuguese and Brazilian know-how, in order to propose numerous solutions in the development and continuous evolution of football.

With services of excellence and trust, the company seeks to unite the quality of the human resources of both countries, with the single objective: To develop the talent of our clients, either players, coaches, clubs, federations and companies.

The union of two flags, the SAME LANGUAGE, FOUR CENTURIES OF HISTORY, soul and complicity make FOOTBALL IMPROVEMENT BRAZIL a reference in sports segment.


In an increasingly competitive football world, marked by a wide-range of services on offer, we are building our own range of offers geared towards lubs, players, coaches, federations, and the entire and vibrant universe of football agents, by bringing together a host of services and solutions that are unparalleled in the market.


Our Vision is to position Football Improvement Brazil as an innovative and competent resources-management platform capable of ensuring stakeholder trust and satisfaction.


Our Mission focuses on guaranteeing career opportunities to our clients while efficiently managing the relationship between players, coaches, federations, clubs, academies and sports operators, by optimizing and facilitating bilateral management between sports agents and making available to them know-how management in all its aspects.


Our Services include representation and placement of football agents; Close collaboration with clubs in analyzing, defining and charging relevant fees; organizing of sports events; professional coaches; professional players; strategic marketing; digital marketing; specific coaching; elite scouting and merchandising.


We pay particular attention to our international dimension and to the exporting of the accumulated know-how of Portuguese and Brazilian football, with its decades-long consistent record of excellent achievements at different levels.